Peace Corps Masters International Program

Western's Master in Environmental Management program has partnered with the Peace Corps to offer additional opportunities to its graduate students. Since Western MEM is now part of the Peace Corps Masters International program, MEM students who pass health and background checks qualify for 27-month Peace Corps assignments around the world.

How to get involved in the Peace Corps Masters International Program

Typically, students first apply to Western's MEM program. Once accepted, they then apply to the Peace Corps, which is a U.S. State Department program aimed at enhancing education, health, agriculture and sustainable environmental practices in developing countries around the world. Since the Peace Corps application process can take up to a year, the MEM students spend the intervening months completing coursework either on the Western campus or in their home communities. Students in both MEM tracks – Resilient & Sustainable Communities and Integrated Land Management – qualify for Peace Corps assignments, which include three months of training and two years of work in a developing country.

Peace Corps volunteers receive a variety of benefits, including living and travel expenses, vacation time, financial support for small projects, a stipend and a "readjustment" payment of more than $7,000 following their two-year assignments. Masters International students generally complete their master's projects while on their assignments, sharing their knowledge and experience from their time in Gunnison with their host countries.

For more information on student loans through the Peace Corps.

Students can also complete coursework after returning from a Peace Corps stint. And students who choose MEM's distance-learning option can also participate in Master's International.

Next steps:

Please contact Dr. John Hausdoerffer at to discuss how MEM and Masters International can work for you, your future and the communities you serve.


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