Peace Corps Master's International Program

It's not too Late!

You can join the last cohort of this 29 year old program by applying to Western prior to July 10 for our fall 2016 master's program.

How to Apply

Western's Master in Environmental Management (MEM) program had partnered with the Peace Corps to offer additional opportunities to its graduate students seeking a masters while serving abroad. Unfortunately, Peace Corps is phasing out its 29 year-old PCMI program.  Fall 2016 is the last semester that entering students may still participate in the Peace Corps Master's International program.  All PCMI students who entered prior may still complete their studies and service without interruption.

However, if this type of program appealed to you, we still encourage you to apply to our Master in Environmental Management. Our MEM program inspires global citizenship through developing cultural understanding, providing international project opportunities, serving international partners, and recruiting a diverse faculty and student body.  Many students who initially applied as PCMI’s students to our program, found alternative paths to developing meaningful international projects abroad.  We believe you can as well. 

Please contact Dr. Jessica Young,, our global coordinator, for ideas and advice today!






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