What is THINK?

THINK 5.2 cover

Christine Yurick founded THINK in the winter of 2008, and the journal quickly achieved a national reputation for strong poetry and essays. The journal favors thoughtful attention to form and critical clarity. In Fall 2013, the Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Western State Colorado State University acquired the journal. It is now housed in the Poetry Concentration.

In keeping with its original mission, THINK publishes poems that emphasize craft as well as clear and compelling content. We are looking for metered, rhymed poems, in received or nonce forms, or free verse with a clear organizing principle. We read work both from established and emerging poets. Please upload 3-5 poems on at

We also publish book reviews and essays from the Critical Symposium on Poetry Criticism, which is held each July at Western as part of our conference Writing the Rockies.

Our current issue, Volume 5.2 (Spring 2015) includes poetry by Rhina P. Espaillat, Jan Schreiber, Wendy Videlock, James Matthew Wilson, Bruce Bennett, Christopher Norris, essays by Frederick Turner and Kyle Harvey, book reviews and more.

THINK appears twice each year, in the spring and fall. A yearly subscription is $18; individual issues are $10 each. Subscribe!

David J. Rothman, Editor

Susan Spear, Managing Editor

Advisory Editors: Ernest Hilbert, Jan Schreiber, Mark Todd, David Yezzi

Advisory Board: Peter Bridges, Enid Holden, Dana Gioia, David Mason, Marilyn Taylor

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