The Residency Experience

Learning firsthand

Western's Residency model immerses you in a yearlong teaching experience, allowing you to directly apply coursework into the classroom and learn firsthand what currently happening in education.

"...I can't wait to get into my own classroom next fall and put into practice everything I have been taught this past year.  I strongly believe that the year long internship program offered by [Western] is a big reason why I was offered a job at Lewis-Arriola Elementary and I think it is a huge benefit for the [Western] program."

-Alison Robinson, MA Education

Your year-long Residency experience begins in the summer with five days on the Western campus for a meaningful, integrated preparation experience face-to-face.  You are then matched with a mentor teacher or principal in a K-12 school for one full year. In-state or out-of-state school placements are available.

While completing your Residency, you will have a network of support, receiving continuous feedback from your mentor teacher, regional coordinator and your Western instructors.

Your commitment

Teacher licensure candidates are expected to spend 24 hours per week with in the class room with the assigned teacher mentor. In the spring, this commitment increases to full-time for a minimum of 5 weeks. Principal licensure candidates will spend 7-8 hours per week with their mentor principal. It is highly recommended that residents follow the calendar of their placement school (i.e., begin the year on the day that new teachers report to work, take school holidays, etc). This experience acts as a 'year-long interview!'

If you are hired as a para/assistant, you will need to create a schedule showing how will you meets the requirements of your residency.

The mentors

Master mentor teachers and principals are selected carefully to ensure that Western students have strong models. The potential mentor will self-assess his or her knowledge of the standards and standard elements. Approved mentors will receive a compensation package for their work.

Mentor requirements:

  • Must hold a valid teaching license, in whichever area the candidate seeks licensure.
  • Must have taught for 3 or more years.
  • Must have taught for 2 or more years, in the present district.
  • Must teach in an accredited school.
  • Must be recommended by their principal.

Our mentors are paid more than comparable programs so that our students can expect the highest level of support.

  • Residency Track Mentors teachers receive $500 per student each semester
  • Alternative Licensure Mentors receive $250 per student each per semester
  • Principal Mentors receive $375 per student each semester