Online MA in Education

During the first year of Western's Master of Arts in Education program, you earn a teaching or principal license, or add an endorsement to your existing license.  You then go on to complete an additional 16 credits of coursework to complete your Master’s degree in Education with a unique leadership emphasis or dual emphasis.


Benefits of a Masters in Education

Achieve better results in the classroom and have more job security and higher pay. Most school districts provide teachers who hold a master’s degree with supplemental pay, sometimes called a bump or bonus. The actual amount varies and is determined by individual school districts. Typically, the supplements add $2,000 to $10,000 to a teacher’s salary, according to a report from the Center for American Progress.

Teacher Leadership Emphasis

Teacher leadership is defined as the work of a teacher-leader within a school who is regarded as an excellent educator; is well respected by peers; is recognized for his/her leadership capacity; holds a lifelong learning orientation; and has been identified to facilitate, advocate, and advance school reform and improvement of student learning. This work is typically carried out through informal and formal venues and processes; for example, with teachers in their classrooms, and with colleagues and administrators through leadership responsibilities on school and district level task forces, committees, and/or membership in district level professional development projects.

Course Requirements

Reading Leadership Emphasis

Reading leadership is defined as the work of a reading-leader situated in the classroom or in a school or district level position who knows federal and state policies related to literacy; has advanced knowledge of the development, implementation, and evaluation of scientifically-based reading programs; and can work effectively with other instructional staff to meet the literacy needs of all students. The reading leader provides professional guidance and expertise to classroom teachers, school and/or district literacy curriculum, instruction, and assessment programs; and, develops and conducts in-service programs related to literacy.

Additional Endorsement Options in the Reading Leadership Track:
Reading Teacher (requires 2 years classroom teaching experience)
Reading Specialist (requires 3 years classroom teaching experience)

Course Requirements

K-12 Online Teacher Leadership Emphasis

Designed to prepare the K-12 teacher in online and blended teaching and learning, based on the iNACOL National Standards, Version 2. Students will gain and apply advanced knowledge of the development, implementation, and evaluation of quality online teaching and instructional design, and work effectively with other online instructional staff to meet the targeted learning needs of all students. An online teacher leader works in an online virtual school and/or in a blended setting. The online teacher leader provides professional guidance and expertise to virtual schools or blended programs on effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Course Requirements

Educational Administrator Leadership Emphasis

Effective educational administrator leaders are able to create a common vision. Educational administrator leaders are expected to be change agents and facilitators who improve conditions for learning through the creation of cultures that allow schools to operate as professional learning communities. They are also expected to bring out the leadership potential of every teacher and employee in the building and to work collaboratively with them, so that the school as a whole makes better decisions and is committed to continuous improvement. Effective educational administrator leaders are knowledgeable about how to create an environment that encourages and develops responsibility, ethics, and citizenship, in self and others. They work collaboratively to set the direction for a school community committed to and focused on learning. Effective educational administrator leaders are able create a common vision within the learning community and then support the movement toward that vision. They empower teachers to lead school projects and initiatives, rather than serve as the chief problem-solver. They acknowledge and address in planning, the internal and external factors affecting the school and the learning process.

Course Requirements

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Educator Leadership 

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Leadership is defined as the work of an individual (a CLD Interventionist or CLD Teacher Leader) who serves as a liaison between various constituents accountable for meeting the needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse learners (CLD) in the school and community settings. This individual is aware of state, national and local cultural norms, legalities, and policies that impact student learning and the acquisition of English language proficiency. The CLD leader has the ability to lead stakeholders associated with serving CLD learners to sustained high levels of productivity, collaboration, and achievement.

Course Requirements

Dual Emphasis


Teacher Leadership/K-12 Online Leadership: Complete 25 credits of post-licensure coursework

Teacher Leadership/Reading Leadership: Complete 22 credits of post-licensure coursework

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