Admissions Criteria for Principal Candidates

Admissions Checklist for Applicants to Principal Licensure/MA in Education Program

  1. Pass a background check.
  2. Submit two Professional Recommendation Forms. RecommendationForm.docx  One recommendation should be from the principal of the school where you are employed.
  3. Submit a letter from your principal or HR office confirming your employment as a licensed teacher/counselor for three or more years. (Note: This requirement does not apply to Alternative Licensure Candidates.)
  4. Residency Candidates: Submit STATEMENT OF MENTOR PRINCIPAL SUPPORT.docx from a mentor principal agreeing to act as your mentor and supervise your internship hours (135 hours per semester), for the school year.
  5. Alternative Licensure Candidates: Submit a letter from a mentor principal agreeing to act as your mentor for 1-2 hours/week for school year.
  6. Submit official transcripts demonstrating a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, with an undergraduate or graduate degree conferred. Please request that official transcripts be sent directly to from the issuing institution to: Education Department, Western State Colorado University, 600 North Adams Street, Gunnison, CO 81231. Electronic transcripts can be sent to:
  • If your GPA is less than 3.0, you may request an exemption from the minimum GPA requirement.  At a minimum, you will need to submit an additional body of evidence to be considered for a Request for Exception. Please note that meeting these criteria does not guarantee admission into the program.​
    • Submit evidence demonstrating 3.0 GPA or higher in related Post-BA studies.
    • Submit a resume demonstrating work, study, volunteering, or other professional activity relating to education and working with children or demonstrating maturity, people skills, and potential to be a quality administrator.
    • You will also have an interview with the Education Department Graduate Admissions Review Committee.

Additional Requirements for Alternative Principal Licensure Candidates

  1. Obtain a Statement of Eligibility from CDE.
  2. Secure a full-time principal or assistant principal position.
  3. Submit a letter from a mentor principal agreeing to act as your mentor for 1-2 hours/week for school year.

For more information on Alternative Licensure, see the Colorado Department of Education Alternative Principal Program webpage.