MA in Creative Writing Costs & Financial Aid

For full-time enrollment, the program extends over 13 months, spanning two summer residencies and the two tutorial non-residency terms between those summers (fall-spring). Students may also attend at half-time enrollment, but this option doubles the length of time required to complete the tutorial portion of the program.

The cost per credit hour for MA in CW graduate courses is $700.

Program cost per term is as follows:

Program Costs

  • First summer: 3 credits = $2100, or First summer with Writing the Rockies Credit option (recommended)*: 5 credits = $2,700
  • Fall: 12 credits: $8,400
  • Spring = 12 credits: $8,400
  • Second summer "trailer," 3 credits = $2,100

* Financial aid for the first summer requires a minimum of 4.5 credits for federal grants. You may sign up for only 3 credits ($2,100) if you need no aid or 2 additional credits (for a total of $2,700) to qualify for summer aid. We encourage students to sign up for Writing the Rockies in either event, as we feel the conference better prepares students for what is to come in the program. The first summer requires a separate FAFSA application because it falls in the previous year's cycle. The subsequent summers are part of the fall-spring-summer cycle for aid awards.

Total tuition cost of program (excluding textbooks and summer residency costs of room, meals, and transportation - see below): $21,300

Financial Aid

If you need financial support you may be eligible for financial aid. However, graduate students are NOT eligible for the Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF). For students in good standing, FAFSA loans are available for up to $20,500 for each full-time year of study. (Half-time study is also eligible for loan awards.)

For more information, visit Financial Aid Information.