AmeriCorps Reimbursement


Western State Colorado University offers the service of processing reimbursements for eligible course expenses for students who have enrolled for credit in an Outdoor Programs course through Extended Studies and paid for their course using a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. In order to process direct expense reimbursements, Western follows strict guidelines for identifying and approving current eligible educational expenses as set forth by the Corporation for National and Community Service,  which is the federal agency that provides the service programs and Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards in exchange for volunteer service. All expenses must be verifiable and auditable as eligible current educational expenses.

Western may only certify AmeriCorps funds directly related to educational expenses. Eligible expenses include course and credit fees, books, supplies and equipment required for courses. This also applies to approved travel expenses to and from courses that are not included within the program course fee billed in the tuition payment. Personal expense reimbursement requests for relocation, alcohol, entertainment, or any item not directly required for your course are not eligible expenses and will not be approved.

How can I be reimbursed with my AmeriCorps funds for eligible current expenses related to my course?

If you are paying for your course and credit with AmeriCorps funding, you may have the opportunity to be reimbursed for required expenses related to your Outdoor Programs course. As long as you have AmeriCorps money left in your account after Western processes your course tuition payment, you can request certification in a separate procedure from registration to reimburse yourself for lodging and travel to and from your course (based on strict guidelines in the Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy), and/or required equipment for your course. AmeriCorps expense reimbursement takes place AFTER your course is completed. Additionally, students requesting AmeriCorps expense reimbursement processing must receive a final grade of C or higher or a passing grade of S, as well as satisfactory field instructor evaluation(s). 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective Academic Year 2017-2018, Financial Aid will not approve automobile travel reimbursement using mileage. Only paid gasoline receipts that show dates and locations along a route directly TO the course location FROM the student’s home address on file with our office will be verified. Please carefully review the Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy.

Download the Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy HERE.

Download the Academic Year 2017-2018 AmeriCorps Reimbursement Packet HERE. Follow these steps carefully:


Before your course, you will have to pay for all required equipment, travel, and lodging with your own money that is not already paid for through your program course fee. You must save all receipts from your purchases that you want to be reimbursed for. Receipts must be line itemized, clearly numbered, and show paid transactions. Reservation confirmations, quotes, and web site merchandise printouts are not paid transactions and will not be approved.  Western cannot process any reimbursement request that does not include receipts of payment as set forth by these policies and guidelines.


Send your completed AmeriCorps Expense Reimbursement Packet along with your legible, itemized and numbered receipts to Extended Studies after your course is completed. 

Acceptable ways to send your request packet are by mail, email or fax. If you use email, send it to as a Microsoft Word attachment or .pdf attachment ONLY (no Google docs, cloud-based docs, zipped files, pass-coded files or Dropbox type services will be accepted).

Extended Studies will review your request, verify your grade, and then respond within 5-7 business days with a confirmation of the amount that we will approve. If we haven't received your grade yet, you will receive a message notifying you of pending status.


AFTER you receive confirmation of your approved amount, you may log in to your AmeriCorps account and send Western a voucher for reimbursement. Please note: If you send a voucher ahead of time and it is incorrect, this will delay your process. You will be required to cancel the first voucher and redo it with the approved amount.

When will I receive my reimbursement check?

Once Extended Studies has approved your request and received your voucher in the approved amount, keep in mind that the reimbursement processing at this point can take 8-10 weeks, due to administrative steps between institutions.

REMEMBER: Read each step of the reimbursement process and complete the entire packet. Western cannot process your reimbursement unless the entire packet is completed legibly and returned as required. All receipts must be legible, clearly scanned and numbered.  Additionally, no reimbursement will be processed for a student who leaves a course early, is dismissed by a program, and/or fails to receive a final grade of C or higher. 

ALL reimbursement requests are subject to verification and final approval through Financial Aid. Further documentation of all submitted expenses and address verification for travel could be required of the student before approving an expense. If further documentation for any expense is requested and not received from the student within 30 days from the time of  notice, the reimbursement request will be adjusted to an approved total that is verifiable.