Papers, Grades and Transcripts

Papers, Grades and Transcripts FAQs

How do I order a transcript?

After your grade has been processed and added to your account, you can order a transcript through Transcripts cost $6.00. If you order a transcript before you receive an email confirming that your grade was processed, your transcript will not be complete. Western does not reimburse students for transcripts ordered before grades are processed.

If you wish to view your grade and do not need a transcript, follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click the red MyWestern button and log in using your student ID and password.
  • Click on ‘Student & Financial Aid Menu’
  • Click on ‘Student Records’
  • Click ‘Final Grades’
  • Select the term your course was completed, and click ‘Submit’

Your username is a 6-digit student ID with stu in front of the numbers. For example: stu123456. Your student ID can be found in your Registration Confirmation email. If you no longer have your student ID, please send us an email request to have it sent to you.

To generate your password, please go to

Does Western have a late policy for assignments or papers?

Yes. For each day (including weekends) that your paper or assignment is late, 1% will be deducted from your final grade. For example, if your paper would have earned 100%, but you turned it in 25 days late, you will earn a 75%. 

Am I required to turn in an assignment or paper?

If you are not sure whether you need to turn in a paper or assignment, please refer to Section C of the credit registration packet you turned in to us before your course began. If you no longer have a copy of your packet, please navigate to the Western web page for your outdoor program and download it. The agreements at the top of Section C will tell you exactly what you are required to turn in, or if your outdoor program will be turning in a grade directly to our office.

How can I submit my paper/assignment?

All papers and/or assignments must be emailed to as a Microsoft Word attachment or .pdf attachment ONLY (no Google docs, cloud-based docs, zipped files, pass-coded files or Dropbox type services will be accepted). 

My outdoor program turns in a grade for me, is there anything else I need to do?

Unless stated otherwise in Section C of the packet, you will not need to do anything else. You will receive an email confirming that your grade has been recorded on your account within two weeks after receiving your grade from your outdoor program.

When is my paper or assignment due?

Please refer to your Registration Confirmation email for your exact due date. For most programs, all papers and assignments are due within 3 weeks from the last day of your course. If that day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday that Western Recognizes, the due date will be the next business day. Our office will not honor a due date miscalculated by the student. The due date sent to you in the Registration Confirmation email is final.

When are my instructor evaluations due?

Evaluations are also due within three weeks of the last day of your course.

Do I turn in my instructor evaluations?

No, we do not accept evaluations turned in by students. Our office contacts all outdoor programs to have evaluations turned in directly from them.

Can I get an extension of my due date?

Assignment deadline extensions for a maximum one-week period are only granted for confirmed extenuating circumstances. An extension request must be submitted in writing to the Extended Studies Office before the original coursework due date and be accompanied by documentation of the reason for the request, such as a doctor’s note.

How long will it take to get a grade after I turn in my paper?

If your instructor evaluation has already been turned in by your outdoor program course instructor, you will receive an email confirming your grade has been processed in 1-2 weeks. If your instructor evaluation is not turned in, your grade will be processed in 1-2 weeks once we receive it. We will let you know whether we have received your instructor evaluation when we email you to confirm that we have received your paper or assignment. Please remember that we cannot accept instructor evaluations from students.

If you turn your paper in during or close to any of the following times, you can expect the grade processing time listed. If your paper is sent to our faculty during this time, you will receive an email with a delayed processing message included.

  • Second and third weeks of January: 3-4 week grade processing time. These are the first two weeks that our main campus students are back from winter break. Our faculty that grades papers are also main campus professors, so they will be busy with new students and classes during this time.
  • Last week of April and first week of May: 3-4 week grade processing time. This is our finals week and graduation week.
  • Mid-May – mid-June: 5-6 weeks grade processing time. This is our “May-mester” semester. Our faculty are occasionally out of the state or country for summer courses.
  • Third week of August: 3-4 week grade processing time. Main campus students return and courses begin. Our faculty that grades papers are also main campus professors, so they will be busy with new students and classes during this time.
  • Fourth week of November: 2-3 week grade processing time. This is our Thanksgiving break.
  • All of December and first week of January: 3-5 week processing time. This is our winter break. After finals week, our faculty will have several weeks break.
I received a TF. Can I get that changed?

No. There are warnings regarding the possibility of a TF in the registration packet you turned in, the forms received email confirmation you received after turning in your paperwork, and in the registration confirmation email you received. In addition to all the warnings, you also signed a waiver claiming: “I understand that if I don’t fulfill the credit requirements as outlined in this packet and return my written assignment to the Extended Studies Office by the due deadline of three weeks from the last day of my course, I will receive a Technical Fail (TF) as a grade on my permanent transcript.”

I was kicked out of my outdoor program course. Can I still turn in a paper or assignment and earn a grade?

No. If you were kicked off of a course by a course instructor, you will receive a TF (Technical Failure) on your permanent transcripts and will not be reimbursed for any credit costs. No exceptions.

I did not complete my course due to an illness, injury or family emergency. Can I still turn in a paper or assignment for a grade?

There is a possibility of you earning some of the credits you registered for. Please send an email to explaining your situation as soon as you return from your course. If our office is not informed of your early departure within 1 or 2 days of your return home, the possibility of earning partial credit lessens. Our outdoor program staff will review your email and decide how many credits you are eligible for based on how long you were on course, as well as on instructor evaluation(s) received for the time you were on course. We cannot reimburse students for credits that are not earned.

My course was canceled, what do I do?

Email immediately to inform us of your course cancelation. If you fail to notify the Extended Studies Office directly of any course cancelation, course transfer or withdrawal from a course in progress, you will receive an automatic TF on your transcript for the original course you registered for. No exceptions.