The Institute for Applied Sustainability

The Institute for Applied Sustainability has joined with the Coldharbour Institute in Gunnison to offers a holistic suite of courses that develop the practical skills and knowledge needed to create more sustainable and economically resilient communities, and provide training for green jobs.  

The World Peace Game

Dates: Monday August 8 - Thursday August 11, 2016
Times: August 8th, 9am-3pm
            August 9th-11th, 9am-12pm
Fully sponsored and FREE for all students!

The World Peace Game is a geo-political science simulation. The object of the game is to achieve world peace by challenging students with over thirty interlocking crises. The Game includes a United Nations, World Bank, Legal Counsel, Arms Dealer and four countries each having a Prime Minister and cabinet members. The game puts four or five countries against each other in every way: politically, socially, militarily, environmentally, and economically. The children must use their imagination and critical-thinking skills to strategize their way out of world crises. The game allows students to collectively and creatively find solutions to problems, and through the process they gain deep insight into their strengths and ability to overcome areas in which they are less comfortable. They learn that collaboration and problem-solving are essential to solutions. 

Please email Ellen Patten at, or you could call Jackie Burt at 970-209-1811/Michael Greene at 970-275-6620 with any questions.

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Classes offered through Institute of Applied Sustainability:                                                                    Register here

Derek Marin
Dates: Wednesday, July 20th
Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Coldharbour Ranch*
CRN 15121; Price: $60 + $10 Material Fee
This is a beginner’s workshop in Mushroom Cultivation. The course covers how to grow shiitake and oyster mushrooms for home gardening purposes. Students will learn how to inoculate logs with mushroom spawn and are provided with basic instructions for growing these varieties of mushrooms with various methods. Each student leaves this workshop with 3 to 5 ft long inoculated log (shiitake or oyster) and an oyster mushroom ‘quick kit’. 


Bart Lynch
Dates: Saturday, July 30th - Sunday, July 31st
Time:   9:00am - 1:00pm
Location: 725 S. 9th St. Suite A, Gunnison, CO
CRN 15122; Price: $75
Gunnison has an abundance of Canada Thistle, which has generally been thought of as a noxious weed. Canada Thistle is known to take over many land types, from roadsides, ditch banks, riparian zones, pastures, irrigated cropland, to the most productive dryland cropland. Learn to process the fibers from this local plant for the purpose of sheet formation, and forget all notions of Thistle as a noxious weed.


Blaine Pickett & MJ Pickett
Dates: Wednesday, August 3rd
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Coldharbour Ranch*
CRN 15123; Price: $50 
This holistic introduction to organic, sustainable food gardening teaches students skills needed to start and maintain an organic food garden at High Altitudes and Cold Climates. Concepts taught through this course include: basics of growing food, season extension concepts, organic, sustainable growing practices, the identification of potential impediments to organic food production, and gain a deeper appreciation for local food systems.

Directions to Coldharbour Ranch from Gunnison:

From the Adams St & E Tomichi Ave intersection in Gunnison, drive 6.7 miles East on US Hwy 50.
The Ranch is located about halfway between mile
marker 164 and mile marker 165 on Hwy 50. After you pass mile marker 164, drive about a 1/2 mile and look for a large yellow building with a red/orange roof on the right (the red/orange roof is the prominent feature), this is Coldharbour Ranch. The turn to the right looks like a small driveway, turn here, and you have arrived!


Contact Information

Ellen Patten; Institute of Applied Sustainability Education Coordinator