Anake Outdoor School Program

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Welcome to the Anake Outdoor School. For more information regarding the Anake Outdoor School, visit their website at:

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Once you have enrolled in the Anake Outdoor School, you can register for credits through Extended Studies at Western State Colorado University.

Anake Residential Program

Working with Native Plants: Ethnobotany, 3 credits, Biology 197
Art of Mentoring: Indigenous Models of Education, 3 credits, Environmental Studies 197
Technologies of the Hunter-Gatherer: Wilderness Survival, 3 credits, Recreation Outdoor Education 197
Nature Observation: Bird Language and Sensory Awareness, 3 credits, Biology 197

To register for credit, complete the Anake Outdoor School Registration Packet and mail it, along with your payment.

Anake Tracking Courses

Wildlife Tracking Intensive-Primary Path, 6 credits, Biology 197
Wildlife Tracking Intensive-Advanced Path, 6 credits, Biology 397

To register for credit for a tracking course, complete one of the above registration packets and mail it, along with your payment.

Mail registrations and payment to:
Extended Studies
600 N. Adams, Taylor Hall 303
Western State Colorado University
Gunnison, CO 81231

Fax: (970) 943-7068

If you have any questions about obtaining credit from Western State Colorado University for your Anake Outdoor School programs, call Extended Studies at 970.943.2885 or email