Majors - Careers and Skills

Ever wondered what you can do for a career after you graduate with a certain major?  

Below are the Majors and Minors offered at Western.  Click on them to find out potential careers in that given area of study in addition to skills that you acquire throughout your studies. 

BA = Bachelor of Arts       BFA = Bachelor of Fine Arts           BS=Bachelor of Science

Accounting (BA)Elementary Education (BA)Mathematics (BS)
Anthropology (BA)English (BA)Music (BA)
Art (BA or BFA)Environment and Sustainability (BA)Philosophy (minor only)
Biology (BS)Environmental Science (minor only)Physics (minor only)
Business Administration (BA)Exercise and Sport Science (BS)Politics and Government (BA)
Chemistry (BS)Geography & Geospatial Analysis (minor only)Psychology (BA)
Communication Arts (BA)Geology (BS)Recreation and Outdoor Education (BA)
Computer Science (BS)History (BA)Sociology (BA)
Economics (BA)Latin American Studies (minor only)Spanish (BA)