Accuplacer/ CLEP/ Correspondence Tests

The Academic Resource Center offers Accuplacer, CLEP, and Correspondence Exams throughout the year except for the first and last two weeks of each semester. If you would like to take a test, please review the information below and call our office to schedule a date at (970) 943-7056.

Due to the start of classes and Orientation, CLEP and Correspondence tests are on hold and will resume in September.

Accuplacer Fees and Resources

$15 per test, due at the time of scheduling your exam.

If you are not a Western student, you will need to have your school set Western up as a proctor to take one of their tests. Western can accommodate non-Western students on a space-available basis. The fee to test at Western is $15 per test.

CLEP Fees and Resources

CLEP Exams are for Western students only. $95 total ($80 to CLEP, $15 to Western, due at the time of scheduling your exam)

    Correspondence Exams

    Western can accommodate Correspondence Exams from other schools on a space-available basis. Each test taken at Western is $15 and the fee is due at the time of scheduling your exam. For details and more information please call our office at 970-943-7056.