Five Main Reasons of Academic Difficulty

  • Motivational difficulties 
    Motivational difficulties can include difficulty adapting to and feeling a sense of belonging in a competitive academic environment.
  • Adjustment to college life 
    Balancing study with the new freedoms and responsibilities of adult living can be a difficult challenge. For some, it will take practice to develop the personal discipline required to stay focused at an institution with so many opportunities.
  • Study skills 
    Students arrive at college with many levels of academic preparation. For some, the transition is seamless, for others, a real struggle. Weaknesses in academic preparation and an inability to organize study time can contribute to unsatisfactory academic performance.
  • Directions/Goals 
    Some students report having difficulty directing toward a course of study and or finding a subject matter that "fits" with their interests and abilities.
  • Personal Issues 
    At times and perhaps unexpectedly, personal issues can affect academic performance. For example, issues involving health, personal relationships, finances and family responsibilities may overwhelm a student's ability to perform well in classes.