Non-Degree Seeking Registration Information

As a non-degree seeking student, you are able to register on your own. This page contains information on how to register for classes. 

Class Schedule

To look up the availability of courses, visit and click on the semester of your choice.

  • Click on Search Class Listings
  • Click on the appropriate term
  • Select a course subject
    • You may select any other search criteria
  • Click Query
  • All courses offered during the selected term will be displayed with the days, time, location, and available seats.
  • To look up the class description and determine prerequisites (if any), click on the course
    • Click on View Catalog Entry
    • Any prerequisites will be listed at the end of the course description.
      • Note: You must meet the prerequisites for any and all courses you would like to take at Western. If you cannot register for a class due to a prerequisite error, please contact the instructor of the class.
  • Note the CRN (Course Registration Number) for each class you would like to take, as you will need it when it comes time to register.


Activate your MyWestern account at and change your temporary password. 

Login Instructions:

Registration Status

To check when you are able to register for classes, do the following:

  • Log into MyWestern
  • Click on Student
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on Check Your Registration Status

Registration Instructions

  • Log into MyWestern
  • Click on Student
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on Add/Drop Classes
  • Check to ensure the correct semester is listed and click Submit
  • Add one CRN (Course Registration Number) in each box and click Submit Changes
    • If you see a red exclamation mark next to a class after you have submitted your changes you have a Registration Add Error. Please double check the prerequisites for the class and/or time conflicts. Contact the Office of the Registrar (970-943-7012) if you cannot determine the instructor. 
    • To check your schedule click Student Schedule by Day & Time
  • Visit the bookstore for book information