Indirect Cost Incentive Fund

The Indirect Cost Incentive Fund provides for the distribution of a portion of recovered indirect costs (facilities and administration costs) to departments and programs as an incentive for professional activity and future grant writing.

For indirect cost recovery of up to $20,000, 50% will be distributed to the principle investigator’s (PI’s) department or program. The portion of indirect cost recovery that exceeds $20,000 will be distributed to the PI’s department or program at a rate of 5%.

If more than one PI or more than one department or program collaborates on the submittal of a grant proposal, the PI’s are encouraged to determine if and how the Indirect Cost Incentive Funds can be distributed to multiple departments or programs. Cooperating PIs should submit a recommendation for the agreement regarding this distribution of Indirect Cost Incentive Funds prior to the Office of Sponsored Programs along with the tracking sheet prior to submission of the grant proposal. 

The calculation of Indirect Cost Incentive Funds to be allocated to the PI’s department or program is based on the total indirect costs recovered for the project, regardless of the length of the granting period.

Contact the Director of Sponsored Programs for questions or assistance in completing the application process.  Please submit the application at the same time the Internal Tracking Sheet  is submitted for approval. 

Grant Submission Incentive Guidelines and Application