Position Outline for Speech

Revising and Editing – Position Speech

Examining your own work

What are your main points?  List them below, each with as concrete and economical wording as possible.

Each Roman numeral in the body should incorporate the exact same wording – do that now.

These concrete phrases denoting main points should also show up in the conclusion – make sure that’s the case now.

A position speech is heavily reliant on clear, accurate citation.  Each time you refer to an outside source in your outline it needs to be prefaced by a strategic signal phrase and finished with a parenthetical citation.  Re-write each of your citations below.

Examining others’ work

As we have witnessed, attention getters and decisive closures are vital to audience reception and perception of the speech.  Copy each here and comment on how to make them more applicable to you:

Editing is a form of credibility – it helps reveal competence and character.  Help your peers out now by closely examining the outline for any grammatical, syntactical or logical errors.  Explain them below.