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INNOVATION: On September 15th 2011 CTE hosted a discussion on innovation at Western State Colorado University.  The 20+ attendees examined the first link, Cultivating Innovative Learning Cultures, as a catalyst for exploring the nature of innovation on our campus, and created a working definition of innovation at WSC.

Cultivating Innovative Learning Cultures

Working Definition:  Innovation is anything you can do to engage students in a new way.

Several qualifiers to this definition were discussed as follows:

  • this includes challenging student expectations
  • the institution must be involved
  • innovation is personal, not secret but authentic, which is vital to credibility
  • we may need a "cultural of failure," the freedom to try innovation without fear of negative consequences/evaluations
  • innovation takes place along a continuum from micro to macro

-the institutional ego must support innovation and taking chances on a macro level

-to innovate in these times of changes requires faculty work on a certain level of fearlessness carefully balanced with an understanding of history

-innovation requires support

-we must also bring innovation to the micro level by involving students and asking them to be innovative

Here are a few other sources to refer to as you consider innovation on campus:


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