2012-13 Professional Activity Grant Awards


  Name Amount Project/Event

Spring 2013

Kevin Alexander $1,280.00 Present, Attend and Participate in the 2013 Meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science
  Renee Barney  $565.60 The American Library Association's Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Immersion Program Teacher Track
  Robin Bingham  $700.00 The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2013
  Andy Keck  $732.52 Undergraduate statistics teaching workshop
  Heidi Keck  $357.00 Rocky Mountain Section officer meeting
  Patrick Magee $1,545.00 Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's 2013 Natural Sound Recording Workshop at the Sierra Nevada Research Station
  Brooke Moran $1,500.00 Participation in Harvard Business School Innovating for Sustainability Execution Education Course
  Jeremy Muskat $600.05 Annual conference by the Educational Advancement Foundation and the Mathematical Association of America at the University of Texas
November 2012
Kim Fix
Nebraska Women's Conference
  David Hyde $1,452.00 Presenting paper "Archaeology of the Under-Represented" to be held at the Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeology.
  Veronica Mendez-Maqueo $1,200.00 Lecturer at Qingdao University in China
  David Marchetti $417.00 Geology monitoring in the Grand Staircase National Monument, Utah
  Teresa Milbrodt $400.00 Louder Than a Bomb Festival Participation Travel Grant
  Shelley Read $740.00 NADE Conference
  Heather Roberson $657.00 Presentation and performance at Colorado Music Educators Association (CMEA) Clinic
  Allen Stork $1,215.50 Petrology and Geochemistry of Miocene Magmatism in Western CO-Part II
  Maria Struble $713.00 Two papers accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association
  Suzanne Taylor $710.00 Winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society
  Kenneth Todd $492.00 Western Chamber Orchestra Performance: 2013 Colorado Music Educators Association

Fall 2012

Al Caniff $635.00 Smoked Fired Pottery
  Edith Cranor-Buck $740.00 National Association of Developmental Education (NADE) to present "Student Pioneers ": Supporting a New Generation of Developmental Learners"
  John Hausdoerffer $1,000.00 Researching chapter for new book project, Land Justice: Aldo Leopold and 21st Century Struggles for Environmental Justice
  Christy Jespersen $711.35 Presenting two papers at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association and the National Women's Studies Association Conferences
  Kathleen Kinkema $493.00 Attending and presentiing at the Colorado Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
  Brooke Moran $1,210.53 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference attendance and presentation
  Mark Gibson $595.00 Professional Grant Development Workshop
  Ashwin Patel $550.00 Symposium at AASP (Association for Applied Sport Psychology) Conference
  Anne Ryter $2,215.00 Travel and participation in the AAC&U conference Next Generation STEM learning: Investigate, Innovate, Inspire that is being held in collaboration with Project Kaleidoscope
  Anna Swisher $625.00 Attend the Coaches and Sport Science College hosted by East Tennessee State University