2008-09 Professional Activity Grants

Fall 2008


Applicant Name

Amount Funded

Project/Event Title

Cohn, Scott


Faculty-supervised student research projects in animal learning and behavior

Coop, Jonathan                                                      


Tree ring analysis of sudden aspen decline

Lung, Mark


Presentation at the National Wildlife Society Annual Conference

Miccoli, Anthony


Funding for Permissions for Manuscript Publication

Milbrodt, Teresa


Associated Writing Program (AWP) 2009 Conference Travel Grant                               

Newell, Dennis                                                          


Attend Geological Society of America Annual Fall Meeting - 2008

Sikkink, Lynn


Presentation at the American Anthropological Association (AAA) annual meeting

 Spring 2009

Applicant Name                                                              


Project/Event Title

Buchanan, Christina                                      


Attend and present at the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting            

Fullmer, Courtney and Arai-Brown       


Attend Conference on College Composition and Communication.

Hays, Shan


Attend the Fungal Genetics Conference

Struble, Maria


Roundtable participant at the Western Social Science Association Conference

Marchetti, David


Geologic mapping of eastern Forsyth Reservoir quadrangle, UT

Seastrum, Don


Art exhibit in Florence, Italy.  associated with an Extended Studies course to Italy.

Rivers, Tonya, Cranor-Buck, Edith,
Jenkins, Elizabeth, Arai-Brown, JoAnn                    


Attend National Association of Developmental Education conference.

Stanley, Kevin


Senior Level Olympic Coaching

Mendez-Maqueo, Veronica


Presentation at Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference

Orr, Heather


Examination, publication of Pre-Columbian art works from Costa Rica

Roberson, Heather


Attend American Choral Directors Association Conference

 Summer 2009

Applicant Name                                                                

Amount Funded       

Project/Event Title

Gauss, Pete


Attend Phage Biology Conference                                                                                  

Mitchell, Caroline and Karin Waidley                        


Attend Faculty Conference

Newell, Dennis


Research expedition to China

Sheret, Larry


Attend conference on information literacy

Sikkink, Lynn


Research expedition to Bolivia

Stanley, Kevin


Attend a senior-level weightlifting course