2006-07 Professional Activity Grants


September 2006

Faculty Member Recommended funding level Title of event
Coogan, Jim


Combining industry/professional research presentations with geology program recruitment
Crossley, Phil


Development of a Web-searchable Database for the Robert C. West Photo Archive
Fullmer, Courtney &  Arai-Brown, JoAnn


Improving classroom teaching in the writing and communication realms by attending a professional convention
Gauss, Nancy


Attend society of American Archivist workshop
Moran, Brooke


34th Annual International Association for Experiential Education conference presentation
Sikkink, Lynn


American Anthropological Association presentation
Stork, Allen


Comparison of the age and petrology of Miocene magnatism in Western Colorado
Wacker, John


Attending the Midwest Clinic: An international band & orchestra conference
Waidley, Karin


Ongoing Theatre Collaboration between Western State Students and Gunnison Valley School students
Zimmerman, Justin


XC Documentary



November 2006

Name Recommended funding level Title
Alexander, Kevin                  $             1,735 Bringing the Aquatic World to the Classroom
Brunkal, Holly  $               300 Attending the American Geophysical Union annual meeting
Dukeman, Casey  $               810 Human Behavioral Ecology of Folsom Foragers in Gunnison County Colorado and other    
Mountain Basins
Fillmore, Robert  $             2,000 Depositional History and Paleogeographic Reconstruction of the Triassic Moenkopi
Formation, Salt Anticline Region of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah
Magee, Pat  $               590 Enhancing Student Research through Avian Monitoring Workshop
Moran, Brooke  $               617 Presenting at the Rocky Mountain Region Association for Experiential
Education Conference
Rothman, David  $               500 Narrative Poetry: Past, Present, Future
Schuster, Peterson and Keck  $             2,000 Special Interest Group of Computer Science Education Technical
Symposium on Computer Science
Stadler, Chris  $               946 Presenting at "American Experiment: Religious Freedom" and
"American Assn. of Political Science" conferences
Stanley, Kevin  $               475 Attending the National Strength and Conditioning Conference                                                                                            
Thiessen-Reily, Heather  $               835 Oral History Research Projects
Total  $           10,808  

April 2007


funding level


Bingham, Robin


“Cultivating a Shared Vision” Biology Program Faculty Retreat                                                                                    

Buchanan, Christina


American Journal of Health Promotion Conference – Abstract Presentation

Buchanan, Christina                 


ED 619 Curriculum Development Course, Colorado State University

Calkins, Leila


Math Fest 2007 Conference

Drum, Scott


The Art of Endurance Training and Trail Running in the Gunnison Valley (Book Proposal)                                                  

Gibson, Mark


Yampa River Documentary Film

Kinkema, Kathleen


Dartfish Video Software

Lavigne, Pete


Fulbright Summer Seminar Matching Funds

Mendez-Maqueo, Veronica  


Minificciones (very short stories written in Spanish)

Rodriquez, Alicita


2007 Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Associations Conference

Sikkink, Lynn


The Commercialization of Legal Coca Products in Bolivia: Political Ecology of Coca