Faculty Resources

Syllabi Development Sites

The Cornell University website has a syllabus template with great instructions.  There is also a section on designing new courses.

This site provides an overview of the intent and purposes of a syllabus.

This Brown University Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning site includes syllabus development advice among other things.

This University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning Services site has a nice syllabus tutorial plus copies of the Teaching Professor.

Teaching Strategies Sites

http://www.crlt.umich.edu This Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching site has a whole section of teaching strategies plus specific sections for resources for each discipline.

This University of Massachusetts Center for Teaching site provides suggestions for effectively using readings in courses.

This University of North Carolina CTE site offers advice on what to do on your first day of class.

This Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching site has a specific section on inclusive teaching strategies.

General Faculty Development Resources

http://www.developfaculty.com/online/index.html Faculty development resources on a variety of topics from academic integrity to writing learning objectives. Provided by Faculty Development Associates.

http://www.developfaculty.com/tips.html Also provided by Faculty Development Associates is this "tip of the week" area. For some looking at this once/week may be less daunting than looking through the entire list of helpful topics.