Western Research Council

WRC Mission Statement

The mission of the Western Research Council (WRC) is to raise the profile of both undergraduate and faculty scholarship at Western and to expand opportunities for undergraduate students in all academic disciplines to engage in original scholarship or creative work.

 WRC Objectives

WRC promotes active student and faculty scholarship by:

  • supporting the Celebration of Scholarship each semester
  • providing forums for faculty presentations of research and creative work
  • facilitating access to research opportunities and funding sources
  • hosting workshops and presentations on mentoring undergraduate research
  • informing our community of these activities

 WRC Members

  • Robin Bingham, Professor of Biology, Department of Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Robert Cohen, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics
  • Scott Cohn, Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Philip Crossley, Professor of Geography, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Lance Dalleck, Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise and Sports Science, Coordinator for the  Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Work
  • Nancy Gauss, Director of Savage Library
  • Patrick Magee, Director, Thornton Undergraduate Research Program in Biology
  • Mckenna Sherry, Undergraduate Representative, Student Government Association Treasurer
  • Michael Vieregge, Professor of Business Administration, School of Business
  • Janice Welborn, Director of Sponsored Programs