Academic Policies Committee 2011-2012

The Academic Policies Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate on all matters related to academic standards, including, but not limited to:

    • Academic evaluation policies, standards, and procedures

    • Academic calendar

    • Admission

    • SuspensionTransfer credits

    • Re-admission qualifications

    • Advising and academic counseling

    • The grading system

    • Graduation Requirements

    • Academic due process for students (in such areas as grade appeals, plagiarism, and other forms of cheating, falsification of records, etc.)


Name Department Email address Phone Term Expires
Kathleen Kinkema RESS 943-7133 2013
Michael Vieregge BAE 943-2566 2013
Anthony Miccoli CALL  943-3004 2013
Jeremy Muskat MCIS  943-3150  2013
Chase Hutchinson ART 943-2035 2012
Bill Niemi VPAA 943-3045 NON-VOTING 
Debra Clark Registrar 943-7005 NON-VOTING
Gary Pierson VPSA 943-2049 NON-VOTING
Jennifer Drumm ARC 943-7056 NON-VOTING
Cori Woytek TEP 943-7041 2012



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