Academic Policies Committee 2010-2011

A Banner DayThe Academic Policies Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate on all matters related to academic standards, including, but not limited to:

  • Academic evaluation policies, standards, and procedures

  • Academic calendar

  • Admission

  • Suspension

  • Transfer credits

  • Re-admission qualifications

  • Advising and academic counseling

  • The grading system

  • Graduation Requirements

  • Academic due process for students (in such areas as grade appeals, plagiarism, and other forms of cheating, falsification of records, etc.)




 September 2, 2010Agenda Minutes 
 September 16, 2010Agenda Minutes 
 October 7, 2010Agenda Minutes 
 October 21, 2010Agenda Minutes 
 November 4, 2010Agenda Minutes 
 November 18, 2010Agenda Minutes Feasibility of a J-term
 December 2, 2010Agenda Minutes 
 January 20, 2011Agenda Minutes May-term-summer background
 February 3, 2011Agenda Minutes Graduate Academic Policies Withdraw & Status
 February 17, 2011Agenda Minutes Four-day background
 March 3, 2011Agenda Minutes 

 April 7, 2011 



 Thanksgiving Break background
 April 21, 2011  Minutes