How to Register your new Visa PCard -- set up username and password

YOU will be setting up your own personal User Name and Password. You will need your card to do this Registration.  Go to:  (Please bookmark to your Favorites).

Click on  "First time Users Self registration for Cardholders"  on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Address will be your Room # and Hall for Line 1 and 600 N Adams St for Line 2.  Zip Code is 81231.  Please look at the sheet your card was attached to for verification of what this is.  It needs to be exactly the same or you will get an error message.
If you get a message upon entering your User Name that reads “details provided not accepted, please try again” or “you’re already registered”, this means that particular User Name has been used by another individual in their database. Try a more unique name for your User Name.

If you Forget your User Name or Password
Click on “Forgot username” or “Forgot password” on login screen to reset yourself.