How to Activate Your Card

You will need to call the 800# on the sticker on your new Card. 

You will hear:  “Welcome to Citibank Customer Service, please have your account number ready so that we may assist you.  Please listen carefully as we have recently made some changes to our options.” 

You will then hear a prompt:  “If you are calling for technical assistance press or say 1 now.  For all other inquiries, please continue to hold for additional other options.”  After a brief pause, you will hear “To expedite the handling of your call please touch tone or say your 16 digit account number.”  You will then be asked to touch tone or say the last 4 digits of your Verification Code.  This is the last four digits of your Employee ID#. 

You will then be asked to “Please remain on the line until you hear verification your account has been activated.”  Please note, it is important that you stay on the line to hear the confirmation that your Card has been activated.  If you drop off the line before you hear the confirmation, the Card will not be activated.