Email Signature

 For Windows, for Mac.


To edit and set your default email signature in Outlook, open a new email message, click the Signature button in the toolbar and select Signatures... from the drop down list:



Select the signature you would like to edit, in this case Western, from the list on the left.



Replace the placeholder text with your information. Please do not change the color, font, size or add any text. Once you have completed editing the text, set the Western signature as your default signature by selecting Western from the drop down list on the right for New Messages and for Replies/Forwards:



Click the OK button.  Check your edits and repeat these steps if necessary.

At this point all new email messages will have the Western signature.








Download the signature template.

Highlight and copy all of the text and the image.

 Open Outlook:  MacStep1.png


Click Outlook on the menu and select Preferences:



 Open Signatures:MacStep3.png


Click on the plus sign [+] on the bottom left corner.
Double click Untitled and rename to Western.
On the right hand side, paste in the signature template.
Replace the placeholder text with your own information.


When complete, click the Default Signatures button.
In the window, select your email account.
Click the drop down arrows inthe Default Signature area and select the Western signature you just created an click OK.




Test your signature on a new email message.