How To Recycle?

How do you successfully recycle in on-campus housing?

1. Use blue bins to store your recyclable products inside rooms until bins are full.

recycle bin 1




recycle bin 2


2. Take outside to the recycling station located nearest your building. Sort the contents into the appropriate  containers (aluminum, cardboard, plastic #1-#2, paper, tin, newspaper/magazine, glass) for our recycling crew to pick up and take to the Gunnison County Recycling Center.


recycling station

3. Smile and appreciate being a part of saving the environment.


How do you successfully recycle in academic buildings?

1. Use labeled bins conveniently located throughout the buildings. Aluminum, cardboard, plastic #1-#2, paper,newspaper/magazine, and glass.

recycle bin 3


recycle bin 5


recycle bin 4



2. The recycling crew will sort and take material to the outside recycling stations. These stations are emptied twice a week. The materials are then taken to the Gunnison County Recycling Center for further processing.