What is the budget?


The budget for Western State Colorado University is made up of Funds which are segregated on the basis of the source from which the funds are received or the purpose for which the funds are intended. The budget is a guide for the coming year's financial activities. The three types of funds that are presented here are the General Fund, Auxiliary Funds, and Restricted Funds. These are the primary fund categories at Western.

Education and General (E&G)

The E&G budget supports the delivery and administration of instruction. This fund category is primarily supported by tuition revenue an fee for service contracts with the State of Colorado.

Expenditures of the E&G fund support the primary purpose of the college: education of students. The expenditures of the college are divided into the following six general categories:

  • Instruction - Faculty and classroom teaching support.
  • Academic Support - Library, Advising, and other activities in the upport of instruction.
  • Student Services - Services provided to students which are not directly related to instruction--Student Records, Financial Aid, Career Counseling, Health Services, Athletics, and other student programs.
  • Institutional Support - Campus Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, Campus Computing, and other support functions.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Plant - Facilities services such as custodial, maintenance, and renovation activities on campus.
  • Scholarships & Fellowships - Direct financial aid to students attending Western .

Auxiliary Enterprise Funds

The auxiliary budget supports self-funded activities such as residence halls, food service, bookstore, extended studies and student government and other student fee supported activities. Revenue generated in this category is generally TABOR exempt, and therefore, does not count against our legislatively set spending authority limits.

Enterprise Funds (Residence Life, Cafeteria, Bookstore, & College Union)

Conference Services

Extended Studies

Self Funded Programs

Student Government Association

Athletics and Student Computing Fee