Menu Items (Navigation)

The Drupal menu system is our most important navigational tool to direct users to your content. Your menus correspond to your site hierarchy: top-level menu links for main categories, followed by children within each category. It may help to think of your menu as a family tree: The top-level items are the parents, the second tier items are their children and the third tier items are grandchildren.

Some General Rules About Menus

  • Submenus should include three to 10 items. If you have fewer than three, you might consolidate and include them on the top-level landing page instead.
  • If a page has fewer than 10 lines of text, consider merging it with another page. This will keep users from having to click multiple links to find the content they seek.
  • If a page scrolls down more than two or three screens, consider breaking it into multiple pages. This saves users from scrolling through huge pages to find content.
  • Remember, your menu is a balancing act. You want to find the sweet spot between being narrow and deep and shallow and wide.

Other Linking Strategies

Sometimes, you will have a page you don‘t want listed on a menu item. In such cases, you might opt to create a promotional block with a link to the page or simply hyperlink to your content.