Migrating to Office 365

On July 11th, 2016 IT Services began the migration process from Google Apps to Office 365 (O365).  IT Services migrated your email for you automatically. If you would like to migrate other content, see below for instructions on moving your Contacts, Calendar and other Google services. We encourage you to migrate this content as soon as you can.

How do I log in to my new O365 (Office 365) account?

***IMPORTANT: You must use your @western.edu email address to log into your O365 account NOT your student ID.***  Also, make sure to select Work or School Account when prompted.

The login URL is:  http://365.western.edu. Once you enter your Western email address, you will have to wait for the website to redirect you to our Western login page. You can only enter your password and log in once the page has loaded, and you see the Western logo at the top of the screen.

When you arrive at your 365 portal, you will see an install link at the top of the screen - this is to put Office 2016 on your personal devices, if you so choose. To get to your mail, you will need to clink on the mail icon below the install link:

Below you may also find information on how to set up your new account on your phone as well as forward mail to another account.

Phone App Setup for O365

If you would like to set up your Office 365 email on your phone, please follow these instructions available from Microsoft.

Mail Forwarding in O365

If you would like to forward your new student email from Office 365 to another email account, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to Office 365 Mail by going to 365.western.edu, signing in with your student email address and password,  and clicking on Mail once you are in your 365 web portal.

    Mail Icon


  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and type Accounts into the search box. When Accounts comes up, click on it.

  3. On the left-hand side of the screen, the Options menu will now be open. In the Accounts section, click on Forwarding.

  4. You can then enter the email address to which you would like your student emails forwarded. You should also check the box that says "Keep a copy of forwarded messages" so that your student emails will also be saved in your 365 account.



Exporting content from Madjackmail

  1. Log in to madjackmail.western.edu with your student account.
  2. Click on the grid icon in the upper right-hand corner and select My Account.

  3. Click on the Control your content link in the Personal info & privacy section.

  4. Click the Create archive link.

  5. Check all of the services you want to back up. You should only need Calendar and Contacts unless you use other Google services like Google Drive. Western IT will transfer Mail for you.  

  6. When backing up Contacts, click on the drop-down arrow and choose Comma-separated values (CSV) as the file format instead of vCard

  7. Click Next and then Create archive. You should use the default file type of .zip and the option to Send download link via email.

  8. It will take awhile for Google to create the archive. You will receive an email when it is ready, at which time you should download the zip file to your computer. You now have a Google Archive folder of your Madjackmail email account. The folder name will start with the word "takeout."

Importing content into Office 365

  1. Unzip your Google Archive folder by right-clicking on the zipped "takeout" folder and choosing the Extract all... option. If you have a Mac, you can just double-click the folder and it will be extracted automatically. Both Windows and Mac computers will make an unzipped folder with the same name as the original.

  2. Log in to Office 365 Mail by going to 365.western.edu, signing in with your student email address and password,  and clicking on Mail once you are in your 365 web portal.

    Mail Icon

  3. Import your calendar: Click on the grid icon in the upper left-hand corner and select Calendar.

  4. Click on Add calendar and then choose From file.

  5. Navigate to your Google Archive folder and then select the .ics file which is in the Calendar folder.

  6. Import your contacts: Click the grid icon again and select People.

  7. Click Manage and then choose Import contacts.

  8. Click on Gmail and then navigate to your Google Archive folder. You should select All Contacts.csv in the Contacts folder and then click Upload.

  9. Manage Google Drive files: If you included your Google Drive when you made your archive, there will be a folder named Drive inside your Google Archive folder. All of your Google Drive files and folders will be inside this folder, and from here you can move them to wherever you would like.
  10. You now should have your contacts and calendar imported to your Office 365 mail client. If you need assistance during any step in this process, please contact the Student Helpdesk.