3/29 Dansom


Ashtyn Rossman, percussion

Erin Wright, flute

Sarah Stai, piano

Bryson Held, trumpet

Sarah Stai, piano

Jacob Lucero, violin

Alyce Meredith, piano

Stephanie Grote, flute

Sarah Stai, piano

Kali Sheldon, tuba

Sarah Stai, piano

F. George Damson
Music Performance Competition

The F. George Damson Music Performance Competitions is the result of a fund established by Mrs. Mary Kay Arbuthnot and her family to honor the memory of her father, the late F. George Damson. Mr. Damson taught at Western State College for thirty-seven years and was the originator and director of the renowned Gunnison Summer Music Camp. With Edwyl Redding and Annie F. Andres, he composed the school’s Alma Mater.